Hydrogen Fuel will Boost Economic Development and will Help Abate the Effects of Global Warming

22 November 2010

AFTER the successful implementation of the pioneering wind power project in Ilocos Norte, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. has introduced a bill that seeks the establishment of a Hydrogen Research and Development Center that would pave the way for the use of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel in the future.

Marcos said that the government’s thrust to intensify the exploration of available energy resources in the country, both its oil and alternative fuel energy resources, is a decisive step toward mitigating the alarming impact of over dependence on oil imports.

“With the emerging issue of global warming which is attributed to excessive carbon emission from the burning of fossil fuels, and its projected serious impact on agriculture-based countries and low lying areas, the concentration has turned towards the development and utilization of alternative fuel energy sources which have been found to be abundant in the Philippines like hydrogen,” Marcos explain.
Hydrogen is a highly flammable substance but with zero carbon emission. It is now used in Canada, United States. Germany and Sweden to provide fuel for cars, trucks and jet planes. Hydrogen is being processed from deuterium which is heavy water or hydrogen water without oxygen.

Marcos said that deuterium is obtained from the deep trenches of the world and the world’s largest deposit of deuterium is in the Philippines; thus, a breakthrough in the development and utilization of hydrogen holds promise not only for the accelerated economic growth of the country but also a much cleaner air which abates the effects of global warming.
The Senate Bill No. 2593 which shall be known as “An Act Creating A Hydrogen Research And Development Center and Providing Funds Therefore, and For Other Purposes” mandates the Department of Science and Technology, in coordination with the Department of Energy to formulate rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of the provision of the said act.