Hiritan 2010 Senatorial Edition

26 April 2010

UHHiritan2010Ilocos Norte Representative and Nacionalista Party (NP) senatorial candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. attended GMA-7’s early-morning television show “Unang Hirit” last Monday. He was one of the special guests in the program's “Unang Hiritan 2010 Senatoriables Edition” held at the GMA-7 Main Building in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

The young legislator articulately discussed the issues that were raised by the panelists during the live interview session and confidently answered all of their questions.

Marcos was first asked about his treatment of all the issues that were thrown at him - human rights abuses and Martial Law. He countered that all of those issues were only raised by politicians and not by the people. Bongbong said that what is important to him is the sentiment of the ordinary Filipino.

Marcos was also asked if he has ambition to becoming the future president of the Philippines.

“I did not run for the Senate as a step to go anywhere. I'm running for the Senate because of my beliefs and the lessons that I’ve learned from my experiences as a public servant. The way that I could still apply those lessons, skills, knowledge, will be in the Senate. I really believe that I have something to offer that’s why I have presented myself to the voting populace as a candidate for the Senate,” Marcos said.

The congressman from the north was asked if he would support renewed efforts to bring up alleged human rights violations committed during his father’s tenure if ever he is elected. He countered that there was no single case of human rights violations filed against any member of the Marcos family. He said that they had always faced all of the cases filed against them.

“We all see that slowly, those cases were dismissed because of lack of evidence; nothing was proven. It is easy to accuse someone but there is a need for evidence to prove those accusations. It’s been twenty four years after 1986, and all of the accusations thrown at us remain unproven. There is no proof that’s why we know that there are no human rights cases against any of the Marcoses,” Bongbong said.

Marcos was asked if he would agree to reopen and reinforce the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant if ever he is elected senator.

“We have a power crisis. At the very least, we should study and discuss if it is really a viable source of energy for the country. The BNPP is 600 plus megawatts, that’s why if it is operational, in my opinion, all of our power shortages will disappear,” Marcos said.

Marcos concluded his guest appearance in the program by stating that he is continuously campaigning for his return to the national government to the people and to make it accessible once again to the common Filipino.

“Hopefully, with your support, all my goals and all of the causes that I’m fighting for will be achieved in order to solve our problems in the fields of agriculture, unemployment, education, corruption and infrastructure. And, our dreams for our beloved Philippines will finally become a reality,” Marcos added.

Marcos was joined in the TV program by fellow senatoriables Ramoncito Ocampo (Bangon Pilipinas), Apolinario Lozada (Partido ng Masang Pilipino) and Hector Tarazona (Ang Kapatiran Party)