Helium Asia Magazine - A blogger's take on Senator Marcos: Senator Marcos is of a Different League

17 January 2011

By Chavie S Helium Asia Magazine

While other consequential people have their ADMI to do their Facebook, I suspect that Philippine Senator Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos often checks and replies on his own Facebook account. I cannot help but feel some awe (after all, this is a starstruck country) when he does come up with his own personal views about what is happening in the Philippine Senate.

Initially, I 'friended' Senator Marcos thinking that because I campaigned for President Noynoy Aquino so ACTIVELY on Facebook, he would decline. He didn't. To test him further I asked him if he would accept someone who happens to be a 'godson' of President Aquino in his staff. He jokingly caught the pun and said that he was not paranoid, but responded with another pun asking if I were some kinda spy or something. I said I wanted to be one but that I doubted if the Mossad would give any weight to his recommendation.. and he laughed. (Or at least LIKED my comment).

Of course, everyone knows that I have a penchant for Oxford men extraordinarily gifted at the same time with a sense of humor. On the other hand, when I was 16, I was already being trained by Mar Soriano (the News Editor of Joe Burgos) and I did 'intern' work for about a year at WE FORUM. Thus, I was never the pro-Marcos type... not then. When Ninoy Aquino was assassinated in 1983 , I was aghast and so ANGRY that such a thing could happen in one of the busiest airports in the planet and on a bright high noon. There was no one to blame but the Marcoses I thought then. I will admit NOW that I could have been wrong.

Why? First, because there was no effort on the part of the next administration to come up with enough proof against Marcos and family. Second is that when I covered the Senate, Senator Enrile told then Senate President Jovito Salonga that the Plaza Miranda Bombing (what year was that??) was NOT done nor condoned by Marcos and that it was really the communists who did it. Then as now , it was thought of people as a pretext to declare martial law which Marcos did. Did Salonga believe Enrile, he told me definitely he did.

I read about Senator Marcos' comments at Facebook and realize that this is the son of Ferdinand E. Marcos who admittedly have loyal followers, most of them I can certify as absolutely saner than some fans of famous actresses and TV hosts. Of course, some of them are paranoid by my being in the same discussion group, but the fact that Bongbong Marcos seems to have to terms with a rather painful past makes me admire him. He is not playing the victim game, instead he does report intelligently about what he feels are REAL ISSUES.

It also makes me question what was/is being 'fed' to us by the media. Was Marcos a dictator? Today, I think that after websites like anti-pinoy.com can come up with perfectly legitimate reasons why Lee Kwan Yew HAD to be a bit firm in handling leadership of Singapore, I am starting to comprehend why Marcos felt that perhaps, his government had to protect itself from oligarch families who controlled the media to the POINT that they could hold hostage of a whole government. Mr. Marcos made it a POINT to make sure that no one family can oppress a whole nation by subjecting them to eight hour brownouts, the highest electric rates in the world and useless TV crap which stunts the national intellect. Add the 'news' which apparently can ruin anyone -- as it tried to do Gloria Arroyo except that she was one tough chick.

Ferdinand Marcos (ex-president) did what he felt was his obligation. Today, we hear people saying that it was better during his time. I agree. My electric rates exceed 200 dollars and I only have one A/C. WE had 3 air conditioning units all running during the so-called Marcos era and we paid about 300 PESOS. Remember that tenderloin steak was only like 5 PESOS then? And rice was about 2 pesos? Initially, yes, I recall there was the curfew, but I could walk the streets (I was a teenager) without having to worry about some drunk who may molest me. In fact, the Maggie de la Riva rape case was such big news and all four rapists were given the death penalty -- thus, criminals weren't as bold as today.

The ordinary 'galunggong' was 20 PESOS a kilo during the height of the pro-Aquino protests and Cory Aquino promised it would go down to 5 a kilo... which never happened. Then after EDSA 86, the Meralco and ABS-CBN were 'allowed' back (even given heroes welcome.... Eskapo, the movie eh?) and today, we KNOW that never before have we been so UNFREE.

Me and my friends are openly supporting Bongbong Marcos for the next presidential elections.We're tired of celebs being presidents and vice-presidents and former news anchors suddenly being groomed to be members of Congress and the Senate. If we need another Marcos to make us SEE that we have to do something like starting solar power projects and coming up with more independent news sources, then we must help this man be the next president.

AS early as 1990, I've written in my columns about finally allowing a dignified burial of the ex-president. I thought that President Ramos would have had guts enough to lead it, after all, I knew that he felt that Marcos deserved a proper burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani. This did not happen.

I know President Noynoy Aquino to be a decent individual and there is nothing that shall endear him to his people than lead the rites for the dignified burial of the arch-enemy of his father. It would make him 'different' from all the presidents who have ruled us since 1986, wouldn't it?