Heed Tsunami Warnings - Bongbong Marcos

2 March 2010

NACIONALISTA PARTY (NP) senatorial candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Sunday urged the residents of coastal barangays to heed the warning of the government on the possibility of a tsunami hitting the Philippine shores.

“I am appealing to our kababayans to listen to the advisories being issued by the government. Life is more precious than properties. I am also calling on our police force to ensure that the places that will be evacuated will be protected from looters,” Marcos said.

A magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit Chile early Saturday, resulting to 78 deaths and more than two million people severely affected at press time.

It is expected to generate tsunamis that may hit some countries, including the Philippines.

“I hope that this incident will serve as a wakeup call to our government that serious measures are needed to ensure the safety of the people in times of major disasters. We cannot disregard the reality that catastrophic events like this may become more prevalent if we do not take concrete actions to protect the environment,” Marcos said.