Hacking incident puts credibility of elections on the line: Bongbong Marcos

22 April 2016

Vice Presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. today expressed alarm over the reported hacking of the voters’ list from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) website saying the incident puts the credibility of the elections on the line.

He said the Comelec should treat the incident as a very serious matter because it does not only affect the credibility of the elections but the safety and security of every Filipino voter.

“The Comelec should treat this as a dangerous security breach because voters’ data are made accessible to the public,” Marcos asserted.

Social media went on a frenzy Thursday afternoon when the website wehaveyourdata.com uploaded what appears to be the details about the registered voters from the Comelec website.

The said website uploaded the hacked voters’ list as it lets anyone search for any names listed in the database from Comelec. The data included birth dates, fingerprints, passport details and addresses among other information.

Marcos said the Comelec should swiftly conduct a thorough probe on the incident as it constitutes an attack on the voters' right to privacy. He said the election body should explain how it happened in the first place.

“These are crucial information that the Comelec has secured from the voters. These are personal data entrusted to the poll body by the Filipino people. The Comelec should explain how and why the data that they have assured as secure could be hacked,” he said.

Marcos also expressed alarm on the ability of the Comelec to conduct a credible election. “If this can happen, how secure will the election results be knowing that data could be stolen and manipulated from the Comelec’s system?”

Marcos urged the National Bureau of Investigation which has taken charge of the case, to make the investigation swift, to hold the culprits accountable and to make sure that they will not be able to do anything to the data that they were able to copy from the Comelec.

"The site must immediately be shut down so that voter data won't be searchable online, " Marcos concluded.