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Government should inspire people, focus on nation-building

Press Releases
3 September 2015

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. on Wednesday lamented the government’s dismal failure to provide leadership, inspiration, and vision for the country.

What’s more embarrassing, he said, is that it is not the Government, but Filipinos themselves, like the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), who give their fellow citizens the drive to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams.

Speaking before 3,000 people who attended the 11th anniversary celebration of the Rizal Renaissance School of Science and Technology in Morong, Rizal, he urged the government to ensure that services are adequate and delivered to the people in a timely manner.

“Now, we haven’t heard about nation-building anymore. We haven’t heard about giving more services to the people. Our leaders have not spoken about their aspirations, like what they want the country to become after five years, or ten years, or even twenty years,” he said in Filipino, adding that the government has not been an inspirational leader.

“Sa palagay ko, the governments that have come have failed our people; have failed to provide a vision for our people; have failed to provide leadership to our people,” he said.

Marcos said industrious Filipinos like the OFWs are the ones who provide inspiration through their remarkable sacrifices while working abroad.

“Alam nila (OFWs) basta’t sila ay magtiyaga, sila ay magtrabaho at magsumikap, at suwertehin ng konti, sila ay makakaahon sa kanilang sitwasyon…kahit na may madaming kakulangan ang pamahalaan, heto pa rin ang ating mga kababayan at sige pa rin ang kanilang trabaho, sige pa rin ang kanilang pagtulong sa pagpaganda ng Pilipinas in any different way,” he said.

He added: “So, if we can depend on our people, it is now up to the government to provide that leadership and that vision.”

Marcos said once the government provides the right direction that would motivate the people, the Philippines will become a greater nation.

“Although I believe that this nation is now great, I believe this nation can be even greater…through better leadership, through a better vision to the Philippines,” he said.