Get Real Philippines - Is there no Opposition leader other than Leni Robredo?

31 January 2021

By benign0 | Get Real Philippines

Tick tock tick tock. The 2022 elections are just around the corner and all the venerable “thought leaders” of the Opposition could do is gush about the latest PR stunt of “vice president” Leni Robredo and defend her pale spaghetti sensibilities. You’d think a country of more than 100 million could come up with even one Opposition leader who could give the enormously popular incumbent, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, a run for his money. But no. All there is at the moment is Leni.

It boggles the mind as to just how bankrupt the Opposition are. They are bankrupt ideologically and they are bankrupt human-resource-wise. All its esteemed members do is stumble from one outrage fad after another and latch on to the most recent “trending” flypaper issue of the week in between Pinoy Big Brother evictions. All the while, no platform, vision, nor roadmap is forthcoming. No election winning strategy. There is even no new catchphrase or hand gesture to replace “Daang Matuwid” nor that “L” loser salute.

So how in the world will the Opposition beat Duterte in 2022?

“Helping the poor” is so last century. And yet “helping” remains the brain-dead cornerstone call to action of the Yellowtards (Robredo’s camp) and, of course, the communists, the latter having spent the last century suckering the world into believing that theirs is a “cause” championing the “oppressed” and “have-nots” of this world. Having been caught up as a bunch of liars, it is baffling that they continue to plan to set themselves up for failure building their proposition to Filipino voters upon such dishonest foundations.

And what of mainstream Big Corporate Media? They make up a sad sunset industry still believing their “news” desks remain the go-to brokers or of facts for mass consumption. They have no choice but to depend on intellectually-degrading content they call “entertainment” for the ad revenues they need to mass-signal their pretentious virtue. It is the world’s biggest irony that today’s Opposition remain imprisoned in a diseased symbiotic relationship with these mass communication perversions. Working together, they are not out to assure Filipinos their democratic freedom but rather seek to stubbornly protect the monopoly over the political narrative they once held.

The reason the Opposition struggle to find a leader who is as dumb enough as Robredo to vie for the presidency under their obsolete flags is because no politician who has half a brain would touch the rhetoric they will be required to parrot on the campaign trail. Perhaps then, the next leader of the Opposition is out there somewhere, but he or she will likely not emerge from nor be molded within the chi chi soirees and echo chambers of the current Opposition camps as we know them. In short, Leni Robredo is a dead-end bet. If a genuine opposition is serious about alternatives, it should begin by crafting new thinking and new narratives that can inspire Filipinos rather than insult their intelligence.