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3 May 2018

By Boyet Antonio | Forum Philippines

If former Comelec Chairman Andres ‘Andy’ Bautista would still keep quiet on the Camarines Sur (CamSur) cheating being discovered in the recount of votes covered by Bongbong Marcos’ protest against Leni Robredo, somebody had better file criminal charges against him for election fraud IMMEDIATELY.

So that proceedings can be started at once for his DEPORTATION or EXTRADITION back to the Philippines. Under the law, he can’t be just forced to return or brought back home without any case against him. Even if he’s really sick as his doctor-brother had earlier claimed, the Philippine Government can readily assign a doctor (s) and a nurse to fetch him form the US.

Again, Andy WAS THE COMELEC CHAIRMAN when Bongbong and Leni ran against each other for vice-president in the 2016 elections. IT WAS THE COMELEC who conducted the polls. Under the principle of command responsibility alone, Andy MUST BE HELD accountable for the CamSur fraud. And whatever irregularity will be uncovered, if any, in the recount in the coming days.

Remember, people, Andy NEVER ACTED ON, OR INITIATED ANY ACTION, against Smartmatic or anyone over the early signs of cheating during and after the canvassing of votes fr the 2016 polls. Among these are the UNAUTHORIZED ALTERATION by Smartmatic of the transparency server script, Smartmatic’s admission of using another server which they did not inform the Comelec about and the 30-plus SD cards loaded with election date which the Comelec had first DECLARED AS USELESS.

It would be TOTAL AND GROSS INJUSTICE not only for Bongbong and his supporters but for the entire Filipino race if Andy will remain UNTOUCHED despite the CamSur cheatings. We paid for his salaries and benefits as Comelec boss with our taxes. We CONTINUE TO SUFFER the same thing with Leni over her highly-suspicious victory over Bongbong.  We deserve NOTHING LESS THAN THE TRUTH, and our money’s worth.