FFCCCII Leadership Forum

16 March 2010

Address of Rep. Bongbong Marcos
FFCCCII Leadership Forum
16 March 2010

Good day everyone!

It’s a big honor and a great pleasure for me to be a keynote speaker in this gathering of successful business personalities.

Successful businessmen like you are generally good leaders. That’s why I find it hard to talk about leadership in front of you guys.

Leaders and businessmen have many things in common. One of them is great vision.

On that note, let me share with you my visions for this country.

The Philippines is blessed with rich agricultural lands. All we have to do is develop those lands and make them productive.

As we all know, majority of Filipinos live in the countryside and they depend largely on agriculture for their source of income.

Farming is a job. Farming is what farmers do. It’s the government’s duty to make them more effective in their job. In order to be more effective, they need to focus on their jobs.

In Ilocos, our farmers never have to worry about how to sell their products. All they have to do is farm. The local government takes care of the selling aspect.

It’s nothing different on other professions – teachers should teach, entertainers should entertain and doctors should cure sick people.

When you see teachers sell candies, there must be something wrong.

Like I always say in my campaign, I want to be the voice of the common folks in the national government. I want to represent the local government units in the Senate.

The LGUs play a major role in the growth of agriculture in the country. The problem is that the national government rarely reaches out to the LGU.

If given a chance, I want that culture in the government to end.

I believe that we need to have strong LGUs first before we can build a strong republic.

We also have a potential to be big in the tourism industry. We have many tourist destinations here and many more yet to be discovered.

Filipinos are also hospitable by nature, making us perfect hosts for our foreign friends.

But we need to have a well-coordinated plan to really make our country a favorite destination for tourists.

We need to improve our infrastructures to make travel more convenient for tourists. We should also develop our natural attractions to make them stand out.

During my term as minority floor leader in the Congress, I also took initiative in the adoption of English as the principal language of instruction in the Philippine educational system. One of the reasons for this is to make us more likable for tourists.

I believe that we can attract more foreign visitors if our people can talk the universal language.

If there’s one word that can define my time as local executive, it should be ENERGY.

Business, agriculture, tourism and all that will not grow without energy.

Like one commercial said – MORE ENERGY MAS HAPPY.

We need enough energy supply to enable local industries to meet the challenges of globalization.

For the uninitiated, the first wind farm in the Philippines and the biggest wind farm in Southeast Asia today can be found in Bangui, Ilocos Norte.

It’s my pet project and it utilizes wind power as an alternative source of energy.

It produces around 25 megawatts of power or an equivalent of 40-percent of my province’s energy requirement.

That’s why the ongoing energy crisis in Mindanao is inexcusable.

It’s something that should have been avoided with proper planning.

That’s the keywords – PROPER PLANNING.

There are many types of leaders.

Some are born to become leaders, others work their way to become leaders. Some are entrusted by the people to become leaders, some become leaders by force.

But all of them can be judged by their outputs. The ends justify the means.