Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" Marcos Ambush Interview at PUP

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22 June 2015

Sandro Marcos: I guess he ate something bad because this morning he wasn’t feeling very well. And he kind of came into my room and said you know like “Sandro you picked the restaurant and now I’m sick! So now you have to go do the speech because I really don’t feel well, I can’t do this.” So I apologize on his behalf that he couldn’t make it. He did tell me how important this was to him. I mean I can see how important it is and I’m sure that if he was able to do so, he would’ve come. (…) which I hope is okay.

Reporter: Is he okay?

Sandro: I actually don’t know. I haven’t seen yet. I’m gonna go back home after this because this event started late and we were in such in a hurry that he came to my room said “Sorry you have to do the speech for me” and I kind of just left so I’m gonna go check on him now actually once I get home.

Reporter: Is he rushed to the hospital?

Sandro: No no nothing like that. Nothing’s serious he just felt, I think its food poisoning to be honest but he should be okay.

Reporter: How is this experience like to you? Considering this is a very important?

Sandro: Well I need to brush up on my tagalog that’s for sure. But it was definitely eye opening, to say the least. I’ve only done that once before. And that was in 2010 I think. And I was much younger then. But it was definitely an eye opening experience as you know, what my father experiences, what he goes every day. It’s definitely a lot harder than it looks and I realize that now.


Sandro: We’ll see. Honestly I actually answered the question inside earlier about that. My dad might say the same thing but he didn’t know because there’s so much changes in your life that I can’t really say what I’m gonna do in the future.


Sandro: Wow that’s a loaded question. Well honestly, my two sems I live abroad so I don’t know but I feel the obviously… I mean it’s not just an exception in the Philippines that is to other countries in my opinion. If you look at the Bush family in the US, two are congressman and two are president. You can’t limit something such as that to a country such as the Philippines. It’s something that exists everywhere. People, first of all, have the option to go into politics and I feel like it’s a natural progression when you have family members in politics. You are exposed to politics. So as a natural (…) for that, you end up in politics. I mean my father was exposed to politics since he was that tall and since my dad was governor I’ve always come with him to all his speeches. I definitely feel that has sort of a deciding factors to what one does in the future as a profession. But that’s no exception to politics as it is with any other professions. If I were, my father journalist then I went (…) to the job, I would call him and become his journalist. I just feel it’s something that’s natural rather than made.

Reporter: Does he (…) you?

Sandro: No he’s not. My dad has always been very vocal and supportive to whatever I want to do in the future. And he has always said that. No matter what profession I pursue.

Reporter: Do you want your father to run for President?

Sandro: Obviously it’s hard because I know that if he does and if he does win, that completely means that my life will change. And I don’t know what those changes will be but on the other hand I support my father on whatever decision he makes. I wholeheartedly feel that.

Reporter: Are you ready for the same scenario when he decides to run for 2016?

Sandro: It’s something I’ve been dreaming since I was very young. So if he will to ask for me to do things such as that that, I will be wholeheartedly prepared. Thank you.