If elected Vice President, Sen. Marcos will be able to work with any of the ‘presidentiables’

7 February 2016

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr., today said if he is elected Vice President, he will be able to work with any of the presidential candidates and will fully support whoever will be elected.

“If I get elected, I can work with any of the presidential candidates. Secretary Mar Roxas is the cousin of my wife. Vice President Jejomar Binay and I are from the north. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and I are good friends and Senator Grace Poe is my sister in government. We are good friends,” Marcos said.

He, however, was quick to add that if he gets elected for the second highest post, he will neither be an apologist nor a cheerleader of the future president.

“I won’t just be the President’s ‘cheerleader’ or apologist, nor will I be his or her rubberstamp but I will fully cooperate in programs that will uplift the lives of the people because we need unity to get the country moving towards a progressive future,” he said.

He said he will not hesitate to voice out his sentiment or negative comments when he sees or feels wrongdoings in the government.

“I will also act as a fiscalizer and will freely yet tactfully and diplomatically speak my mind about important public issues, as well as about the shortcomings and weak points of the government,” Marcos said.

He said he will do this not for the sake of mere criticism or fault-finding, but to encourage the government to rectify and improve public service in the name of public welfare and common good.

He said as Vice President, he will help in uniting the country and rally behind the President as he reiterated that only through unity will the government succeed in bringing progress to the Filipinos.

“If and when I become Vice-President, my platform of public service will be defined not by a ‘hopeful patience’ or ‘wishful thinking,’ but rather, of unity, trust, and co-operation. I will be a trustworthy team player and a competent role player,” he said.