Education for Life = Success in Life

31 March 2010

Ilocos Norte Rep. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., on Monday said that graduating students of the Mindanao State University – Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography should not be daunted by difficulty or hurdles in today’s competitive world but instead they should aim higher and persevere even in the face of competition and adversity.

In an address delivered at the 40th Commencement Exercises of the MSU – TTCTO last March 29, 2010, Marcos advised graduating students that passion, conviction and character are the pillars for success in life.

“Today, in our country, the sad reality is that we remain unable to provide a job for all those coming out of college every year. Abroad, there is also a scramble for jobs because of the global recession, and the competition of many countries for overseas jobs,” Marcos said.

Besides pushing for more competencies in a fiercely competitive world, the youthful solon noted that the advantage of MSU – TTCTO’s graduates are the professional training and education that they have received from MSU.

“You are among the skilled workers who are much prized in our country and abroad. And if you can match your excellent training with the qualities of dedication and passion, you will succeed,” the Ilocos Norte congressman said.

Marcos advised the graduates to approach work as a mission and with full conviction, not just as a job and that it is paramount for graduates to believe that what they are doing has meaning.

“Far too many people do not believe enough in what they’re doing. It’s just a job to them. Consequently they do not get very far in their careers,” he added. “There is a difference between going to a job and going on a mission. You go to a job because you have to, but you go on a mission because something deep inside you tells you that you must.”

He also noted the importance of character, that to Muslim and Christian believers, the idea of personal integrity is at the core of each other’s lives and that each believer will answer to God for their own actions.

“Money can vanish overnight, power can disappear, reputation can evaporate, but character – personal integrity – is a rock that is secure and that no one can take from you,” Marcos said.

“As you make your way in the world, never forget to give back to the community here in Tawi-Tawi that has nurtured you. And let us hope that you will not forget the larger family that is your nation. For now more than ever it needs the best that you can give,” he added.

Before his speech, Rep. Marcos was involved in a life-saving incident while on his way to the Commencement Exercises of the Mindanao State University – Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography last Monday.

A child suffering from a sudden asthma attack was rescued by the Ilocos Norte congressman by offering his medical kit for asthma while on board Cebu Pacific from Manila to Zamboanga.

He already forgot about the incident before his speech in MSU but Dr. Eddie Alih, the Chancellor of the university, made sure he would remember it and introduced him to an enthusiastic audience and quickly narrated Congressman Marcos’ heroic tale.

“The man who saved my son,” Dr. Alih said. “If not for this man, I would probably be in grief right now.”

More applause and a standing ovation followed.

Bongbong was caught off-guard.

“I have no idea it was your son,” he told Alih. “I hope he’s fine now.”

On that note, Bongbong got back to business and confidently delivered his piece.

Well, it just another day in the office for Bongbong Marcos.