Dominant political families in vote-rich Pangasinan cross party lines to support Marcos for VP

12 February 2016

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today bared that he has secured the support of the two dominant political families in vote-rich province of Pangasinan as he began a two-day sortie of his “Unity Caravan” in the province to fortify the so-called “Solid North”.

In a press conference at Mangaldan town Marcos said he is buoyed by the warm reception he got from the people of Pangasinan as he also thanked his supporters for helping organize his visit to the province.

“I think I can report that the so-called “Solid North” is still very much alive and very solid,” Marcos said after motoring through various towns of Pangasinan including Pozzorubio, Manaoag, San Jacinto, San Fabian and Mangaldan.

Marcos said his claim is backed not only by the warm response from the ordinary people but also from political leaders even from opposing camps who are willing to cross party lines to support his vice presidential bid.

“Let me give you a prime example: your two groups that are running for governor are both friends of mine. Gov. Spine (Amado Espino, Jr.) is a good friend of mine and of course, Mark Cojuangco. His father is my ninong and has been a very close family member,” Marcos said.

The governor’s son, Amado Espino III, is Liberal Party’s bet for governor of the province and would square off for the post with Cojuangco of Nationalist People’s Coalition.

“I have asked them both for their support and they have both said that they will support me. So that’s a very important example,” he added.

Marcos said Pangasinan vote is crucial to his campaign strategy of reviving the “Solid North”.

But Marcos said he is getting similar kind of support in other areas of the country as well. He noted that in his visit to La Union on Thursday members of the Ortega clan, some of whom are running against other members of the family, expressed their support for his candidacy.

“Even in Davao, for example, mayroong nabuhay na grupo ang pangalan ALDUB. Sabi ko ano yung Aldub? Alyansa ni (Mayor Rodrigo) Duterte at Bongbong,” he said.

In addition Marcos said there were groups like BiBo (Binay-Bongbong), Aroma (Alyansang Roxas-Marcos), and even Marimar (Mar-Marcos).

“I was just informed early this morning na me tinayo na Bicolanos for Bongbong dahil yung aking mga katunggali marami sa kanila galing sa Bicol and yet I’m still able to gain support even in their so-called ‘baluarte’. So that’s what I mean when I say that people are willing to cross party lines,” Marcos said.

Marcos has been calling for national unity as key to the realization of his vision and platform for a more progressive future for the country.