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Denial of 'reports' that Sen. Bongbong will announce his candidacy on Sept. 20 at Philippine Arena

Press Releases
16 September 2015

I vehemently deny the rumor circulating that I will be announcing my candidacy for the 2016 elections on September 20, 2015 at the Philippine Arena. To repeat, this is not true and will never happen.

To set the record straight, I have never instructed, ordered, encouraged, and/or allowed any individual or group to invite people to the supposed activity. Neither have member/s of my family, relatives, close friends, and staff done so.

I believe that this false advisory is intentional and is meant to destroy me.

I even received reports that people are being promised P4,500 for their attendance at the Philippine Arena, which is totally false because, in the first place,  there will be no activity on September 20 that involves me.

I am calling on people not to entertain, much less believe, this lie propagated by unscrupulous groups out to put my name in a bad light.

The truth about my plans in 2016 will only come from me and no one else. No one is authorized to speak on my behalf regarding my plans.