Daily Tribune - Exposing fraud

5 February 2018

By Ninez Cacho-Olivares | Daily Tribune 

With the Leni Robredo camp scoffing at what the Bongbong Marcos camp presented as its evidence of poll fraud given that the ballot image shown the media as proof of electoral fraud, Marcos’ lawyer, Victor Rodriguez, the other day retorted that the ballot images presented, which tended to prove electoral fraud in the the vice presidential vote, came from the Supreme Court, which could not have been fabricated, as claimed by the Robredo legal camp.

There has been silence so far from the Robredo counsel, perhaps because they may have no answer for the Marcos counsel’s latest electoral fraud statement, which may prove difficult to disprove.

No lawyer would dare claim that the ballot images presented came from the Supreme Court or the Presidential Electoral Tribune(PET) since the counsel, at the very least, would be admonished publicly by the High Court and the Marcos counsel would be sanctioned and lose face.

That there was automated election fraud hardly can be denied, however, since the Smartmatic swindle of the people’s sovereign will has been going on for years and getting away with it, along with the billions Smartmatic had gotten from the Philippine government—more specifically, the taxpayers’ money.

And yet there went the Commission on Elections (Comelec) again giving Smartmatic billions in taxpayers money to buy, of all things, the automated machines used in the 2016 polls, and even when year after election year, automated electoral fraud has been shown to have occurred.

But Comelec still insists that Smartmatic is dependable and reliable despite the clear evidence of cheating. But what was crystal clear came when the Smartmatic officers, along with some Comelec staffers, changed the hastag or code as well as the mysterious count of millions in the dead of the night, when everybody was asleep that favored the Liberal Party candidate for the vice president, Leni Robredo.

But it wasn’t Robredo’s case alone that was a suspicious win. There were also suspicions on the victories of some senators who were hardly popular national figures suddenly zooming in the electoral contest.

Then there were others who made it to the top, when they were hardly that popular to merit the top slots.

There is, however, one electoral protestant who lost to now detained Sen. Leila de Lima, for the 12th slot—now presidential political adviser Francis Tolentino who is challenging the Senate slot.

In the Senate, as it is in the House, it is the Senate Electoral Tribunal that losing Senate candidates lodge their electoral protests. However, as it always happens, whether it is the House of Representatives or the SET, all these protests take a very long time to resolve.

There have been cases of election protestants winning their seats although very late in coming, as these protestants who won their electoral victory after having proved that they had been cheated out of their victory, only too serve the remaining time of the usurper, which can be just a few weeks or even days before the Congress adjourns.

Electoral cheating happens almost every time in this country, whether the elections are manual or automated. The big difference of course is that in the case of manual elections, the fraud can easily be detected and proved.

In the case of automated fraud, this is harder to prove—and is very very expensive, apart from the fact that proving automated fraud can take years, as the PET—at least in the past—always took a long time for such electoral protests to resolve, merely waiting for the protestant to run for another elective office, in which case, the PET then comes up with a ruling after say, three years of protest, to merely state that the protestant had abandoned his protest by running for another post.

It took the PET over six years to resolve the electoral protest in the case of losing vice presidential bet Mar Roxas.

In the present case, however, Marcos had poured a lot of money to prove his case against Robredo and after a year, and perhaps millions of votes later, the case seems to be going a bit faster than usual, with Bongbong and his counsel now having the evidence of fraud.

However, they still have a long way to go because even as they do have evidence of fraud through the ballot images, they still have to take the next step, which is to prove that Marcos won the vice presidency.

If he does win his protest before the PET, then he certainly deserves to sit as the Vice President of the Philippines and perhaps the fraud, automated or manual, would come to a full stop.

If proven that Marcos is the legitimate vice president of the Philippines, all the anti-Marcos Filipinos should accept it and respect the sovereign will of the Filipinos.