Daily Tribune : Bongbong: Grafters need not apply

26 January 2022

By Michelle R. Guillang | Daily Tribune

Should he get elected as the country’s next president, former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will not appoint to his Cabinet anyone tainted by allegations of graft and corruption.

BBM to his supporters, Marcos Jr. made the assurance during radio station DZRH’s “Presidential Job Interview” aired on Tuesday.

“Before we appoint members of the Cabinet, we will ensure that they do not have a history or record of corruption,” BBM said, vowing to let the “law take its course” when dealing with public officials facing corruption charges.

“If there is proof that they actually embezzled, stole, and pocketed public funds, we will allow the law to take its course,” the presidential derby frontrunner said in Filipino.

Marcos said he “understands better” how to deal with corruption in the country because he has “seen it happen.”

“When it comes to corruption, in my opinion, I understand how the government operates. I have a long experience as a public servant, and I have seen how corruption happens,” he said.

“So maybe I understand better how to solve the problem and give the problem a solution,” BBM added, explaining that “checks and balances” in government must be strengthened, especially when it comes to spending public funds.

He said that no nation can claim to be corruption-free, but that the Philippines can adopt the anti-corruption practices of countries that have managed to minimize, if not totally solve, the problem.

“Corruption is a human condition, not specifically a problem in the Philippines,” he said.

As a first step in curbing corruption in the Philippine government, Marcos Jr. said only people with no history of involvement in corruption may apply to join his government.

“Let’s start by selecting those whom we will appoint or elect in government positions. That’s the most important thing. That’s our priority. In appointing officials, we will determine if one has no record of corruption. These are the people who we should look for,” he said.

On his family’s alleged “ill-gotten wealth,” he said that the present cases “are against the Philippine government (and that) that the Marcos family is no longer involved in those cases.”

“There were judgments that were against us, but they were rendered in America. They were saying that the Philippine government must be the one to answer those cases. Let’s leave it. There are laws,” he said.

Told that he’ll essentially be “the Philippine government” if he wins the election, BBM reiterated he’ll let the law prevail.