CNN Philippines : Voters urged: Demand more from political

1 October 2021

By CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 1) — Filipino voters must demand more from political candidates and hold them accountable for their campaign promises, an analyst said Friday.

In his interview with CNN Philippines' The Source, political analyst Michael Yusingco was asked whether he believes that Filipinos have grown tired of the typical promise of politicians to end corruption when they take their posts.

"If it comes from senators like Sen. Manny Pacquiao, I would surmise that it enters one ear, it exits the other, preciesly because it’s the same old spiel of the same old type of politician," he said.

Yusingco commented on the short speech of Pacquiao, who filed his candidacy for president earlier in the day. The boxer-turned-politican reiterated his promise of jailing erring officials when he gets elected to the post.

Pacquiao also promised to address poverty, boost internet connectivity, provide sufficient power supply, and improve COVID-19 pandemic response.

But Yusingco noted that politicians must be questioned further about their campaign agenda, and voters must ask specific questions on how the country's pressing problems will be addressed.

"When politicians talk about eradicating corruption, maybe voters are getting weary of that. But I hasten to add that they should not be. In fact, they should be more aggressive and assertive in asking questions to these politicians who make these promises," he said.

"If Sen Pacquiao wants to eradicate corruption, the next question should be how do you want to do it?," he added.

The Commission on Elections has recorded over five million new registrants out of the 63 million Filipinos eligible to vote in the 2022 elections.

The voter registration period will reopen from Oct. 11 to Oct. 30, giving way first to the filing of certificates of candidacy of political aspirants until Oct. 8.