CNN Philippines : Marcos awaiting Marcoleta, Carlos to determine government posts fit for them

By CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, May 27) — President-elect Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. is awaiting the decisions of both House Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta and retired professor Clarita Carlos as to which government posts under his administration they think they would fit best.

In a briefing with selected media on Thursday, Marcos said while many are expressing willingness to serve in his incoming government, he always asks them "where do you feel that you'd be the most useful?"

He said he asked the same question to Marcoleta whose response he is anticipating.

"Definitely with his legal prowess I think that he would be a great use to us," the incoming chief executive said.

Marcoleta initially ran for a senate seat under Marcos' ticket, but later withdrew from the race citing "poor showing" in pre-election surveys.

Marcos said consultation is also ongoing between his camp and Carlos, noting the professor's expertise in the fields of foreign policy and international politics.

"The profesora, we've been in consultation with her and asking her, and again, it's the same question, where do you feel that you will be the most help? And again we're waiting for that answer," he said.

The retired University of the Philippines political science professor was one of the panelists in the SMNI presidential debate, which was the only debate Marcos attended to during the campaign period.

Carlos also served as president of the National Defense College of the Philippines and currently heads the think tank Center for Political and Democratic Reform, Inc.

In the same briefing, Marcos also revealed his other Cabinet members more than a month before his inauguration on June 30.