Cebu Daily News : Rama hopes for a BBM-Bong Go tandem

25 October 2021

By Delta Dyrecka Letigio | Cebu Daily News

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Cebu City Acting Mayor Michael Rama said that if he could so wish, he would want Presidential candidate, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos and Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go to team up for the national elections.

As a member of the nation’s ruling party, PDP Laban, Rama and the rest of the Barug-PDP Laban slate in Cebu City have not yet declared their support to any presidentiable.

They did express support to the candidacy of Go as the senator is running under the ruling party’s banner with the support of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Following his personal meetings with Marcos and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio last Saturday, October 23, 2021, Rama said that he saw great potential for the party if Marcos, Duterte-Carpio, and Go would unite.

“The anointment of PRRD is very important for our group because we are part of PDP Laban. Whoever will be annointed by the President, definitely we will support.

“But I am desiring and praying kay kung ang Marcos, Duterte, and Bong Go mag-ipon (because if Marcos, Duterte and Bong Go will unite), that is unbeatable. So I wish when there will be finality, these forces will be united. That is what I wish and praying,” said Rama.

Rama has been known to be a supporter of Senator Go while he also maintains a close connection with Marcos and Duterte-Carpio.

For now, Barug PDP-Laban will wait for the official pronouncement of President Duterte on who he will “anoint” as the party’s Presidential candidate.

This despite Senator Ronaldo “Bato” Dela Rosa filing his candidacy under the PDP Laban banner as well.

Rama has not mentioned Dela Rosa among the candidates that their party may be supporting.