Cebu Daily News : 15 days left: So how do you register as a voter in Cebu City?

15 September 2021

By Dyrecka Letigio | Cebu Daily News

CEBU CITY, Philippines — There are only 15 days left to register as a voter in your voting district in Cebu City and the good news is, the Commission on Election (Comelec) has conducted off-site registrations in the major malls in the city for the convenience of residents.

Yet the registration may be intimidating to a first-time voter especially if you have just turned 18 years old or turning 18 years old before May 2022, and this will be the first government document that you will be applying for.

Do not fret, as CDN Digital will take you through the simple process of registering to vote in either North and South District of Cebu City:

Step 1: Book an appointment online
The first step to your practicing the right to suffrage is booking online at and fill out the datasheet on the webpage.

Don’t forget that you must be 18 years old and above or will turn 18 years old before May 2022 in order to register to vote.

Here are is a sample of the data you need to provide for the registration to work.

After filling up the forms, you will be directed to set an appointment. As of September 15, 2021, all slots for the remaining dates are filled, but don’t worry!

Comelec Cebu City Election Officer II Omar Sharif Mamalinta told CDN Digital that the sites accept walk-ins as the off-site registration can accommodate more people compared to when the registration was held in the Comelec offices.

So, do not hesitate to click the “I don’t want to set an Appointment” checkbox and you can still continue to download the forms with your data.

Before printing your registration form, check the details that you have submitted and make sure that these are all correct and factual.

Finally, you can download your form and print it prior to you walking into the site. Download and fill out a health declaration form as well to save time lining up.

STEP 2: Go to an off-site Comelec registration venue
The Cebu City North and South Districts Comelec offices will be moving around the city’s malls for the off-site registrations, so it is important to know the schedule for the day.

Below is the schedule for the off-site registration for the next 15 days.

Upon arriving at the sites, it is important to bring a valid identification card (ID) including your school ID, company ID, or any government-issued ID. In the absence of these, bring a copy of your birth certificate.

Bring your own black ballpen, wear a mask and face shield, and remember to maintain the health protocols.

STEP 3: Go through the process
There are three major steps in the Comelec registration process, the review of the forms by Comelec personnel, the taking of fingerprints, and the taking of biometrics.

With all forms filled and pertinent documents brought, you can expect a smooth flowing registration at the site.

Comelec personnel will also assist in the process and as long as you have completed the necessary forms, you will be needing at most an hour to get registered, this depending on the crowd.

Fill up the form.

Have your forms reviewed.

Get your fingerprints taken.

Have your biometrics taken.

STEP 4: Keep your slip and wait to check if your registration was approved
Upon completing the process, you will receive a slip that would certify that your registration is being processed.

Since the Comelec is no longer issuing voters’ ID in deference to the National ID of the Philippine Statistics Authority, you won’t need to wait for an ID after registration.

Instead, all registrants will need to wait for the approval of the Comelec for all registrations filed in the country.

This is the step where you relax and wait for your registration to get approved. Only a protest will block your registration from being approved, but since this is rare, you are most likely good to go.

Other transactions
For those who are not first-time voters, but instead will need corrections in their registrations or will be transferring to another district, local government unit, or province, the steps are generally the same.

It still starts with filling and downloading the form from, then going to the sites as well as bringing the necessary documents.

You may be asked to bring a barangay clearance or proof of residency if you are transferring from one voting district to another.

Meanwhile, correction or change of names or details will require the pertinent documents related to the change such as a marriage certificate or PSA certificate for changing one’s name.

The requirements are provided on the Comelec website as well.

Now that you are good to go, don’t forget that the upcoming elections are an essential part of your participation in preserving our country’s democracy.

Practicing suffrage is now your right and responsibility, Ka-Siloy! /rcg