Catholic Evangelical group throws support behind Bongbong Marcos

2 May 2016

Leaders of the Catholic evangelical group Church Without Walls International on Sunday declared their support for the Vice Presidential bid of Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" R. Marcos, Jr.

Led by Archbishop John Ayudtud, some 30 leaders from various congregations belonging to the church had a private meeting with the Senator in his campaign headquarters in Mandaluyong City to pledge their support for his candidacy.

Ayudtud said that while Church Without Walls is a Catholic apostolic group, they are open to other denominations. He said they have around 400 member churches in the Philippines.

"We came here to tell Senator Bongbong that we are supporting him and that our churches are 100 percent behind his candidacy," Ayudtud expressed.

Towards the end of the meeting, the church held a pray-over ceremony and laid their hands on the Senator to pray for him.

Marcos thanked the group for their support, as he also cited that the concept of the Church Without Walls is similar to the message of national unity that he is also spreading as part of his campaign.

In his campaign sorties Marcos consistently imparts to his audience that divisiveness brought by politics is hindering all efforts to implement programs for the benefit of the entire country.

He said that “unless the entire Filipino nation work together towards a common goal it would be difficult for us to address our problems that should enable us to move forward to a better and more progressive future for all of us.”

Apart from Ayudtud, other church leaders present in the meeting were Archbishops Antonio Gallemit and Elias Soria, Bishops Nelso Go and Romulo Salcedo, Pastors Antonio Dela Cruz, Abner Salamo and Gerardo Manjares.

Also with the group were Bishop Felix Carceres, Pastor Juanito Zafra, Rev. Reynaldo Operio, Rev. Freddie Maiquez, Rev. Zenia Cabalona, Rev. Melodia Planas, Rev. Virgie Asilo, Pastor Robert Cinco, Pastor Ed Magracia, Bro. Monching Solinog, Pastor Loreto Bhoy Evangelista, Rev. Jonalily Gallemit, Rev. Michael Barredo, Rev. Fenny Barredo, Rev. Louie Balbago, Pastora Lilia Gacmatan and Pastor Ronnie Ayudtud.