Business Mirror : BBM urges supporters to discredit fake news seeking to split UniTeam

2 February 2022

By Business Mirror

“With absolute certainty, the bind that keeps the mutual trust and respect between myself and Mayor Inday Sara remains unsoiled. And it will remain so,” aspiring president and former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. declared on Monday in reaction to fabricated reports seeking to sow discord among members of the UniTeam.

“Our commitment to each other and the entire UniTeam is unconditional and stronger than ever. It is unbreakable,” he added, referring to the growing rapport between him and Mayor Sara.

Bongbong has warned the public, especially his supporters, against fake news being peddled by their political opponents designed to drive a wedge between him and his running mate Inday Sara Duterte.

In a news statement, Marcos described the fake news purveyors as desperate, noting that they are now resorting to disinformation and underhanded tactics “to sow discord among BBM-Sara alliances and break up his partnership with Mayor Sara.”

“And while I believe that attempts to put a wedge between my unconditional partnership with Mayor Sara will persist as the election gets closer, I am also calling on all our supporters to be vigilant in guarding the hard-earned trust and harmony among us,” Marcos pointed out.

Fake news about his camp allegedly having “secret meetings” with Sen. Tito Sotto is reportedly circulating, together with a storified gossip in a political web site that his wife Liza is supporting the vice presidential bid of Sotto.

“I am calling on my supporters worldwide to be discerning about these pieces of disinformation and discredit them as they’re but figments of the imagination of those who have lost hope in a fair and honest election,” he continued.

“Desperate politicians are on the move to sow discord among members of the BBM-Sara alliances with clear intent to weaken, if not break, my partnership with Mayor Sara,” he said.

“With the faith and loyalty of our supporters to the UniTeam and their dedication to its goal, I am certain that we shall survive these fake news and other distasteful political challenges to enable us to collectively push our firm resolve to unify the country and give our fellowmen the future that they deserve,” he stressed.