Bongbong’s Campaign Hit Cyberspace

11 March 2010

Senatorial candidate Bongbong Marcos on Thursday vowed to bring the national government closer to the people if elected in the coming national elections as his campaign entered another plane – the cyberspace.

“The modern technology made everybody closer to one another. But I don’t think the same is true in our government,” Bongbong said.

Bongbong talked about leadership before more than 4,000 students from different branches of AMA Learning Center nationwide through audio-video streaming when he visited the school’s head office in Quezon City.

The youthful solon from Ilocos Norte wants to amplify the voice of the local government. “I feel that the (national) government is not reaching out to the common folks.”

He’s talking from experience.

“When I was the governor of Ilocos Norte, I found it difficult to get support from the national government for certain projects,” Bongbong said.

He found ways to make them happen anyway. That’s leadership Bongbong’s way.

“If you’re a leader, you have to produce. You have to show results to deserve the trust of the people,” he said.