Bongbong Marcos to the rescue

18 March 2010

tawi-tawi-photoBongao, Tawi-Tawi -- Bongbong Marcos on Monday saved a young man from his ordeal by offering his medical kit for asthma while on board a Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Zamboanga.

The congressman and senatorial candidate was on his way to Tawi-Tawi to address the 35th commencement of the Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography of the Mindanao State University. He had already forgotten about the incident before his speech at the commencement exercises.

But Dr. Eddie Alih, the Chancellor of MSU Tawi-Tawi, made sure he would remember it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Congressman Bongbong Marcos,” he said. Everybody applauded.

“The man who saved my son,” he continued and then quickly narrated what transpired in the airplane. “If not for this man, I would probably be in grief right now.”

More applause and a standing ovation followed.

Bongbong was caught off-guard.

“I have no idea it was your son,” he told Dr. Alih. “I hope he’s fine now.”

Abdul Aziz Alih, 28, is a law student of San Beda College in Manila and he suffers from asthma. He forgot to bring his nebulizer on the flight to Zamboanga.

A severe attack of his illness caused panic among the passengers and flight attendants. Fortunately, Bongbong was there to the rescue.

He offered his own medicine and kit to calm the young Alih and help him breathe normally.

“I’m asthmatic myself so I know what he was going through,” Bongbong said.