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Bongbong pushes for incentives to promote bicycle use

Press Releases
7 March 2013

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. is advocating bicycle use as a means of transportation in Philippine roads.

Marcos said this will help solve the ever worsening myriad of intertwined issues such as climate change, air pollution, traffic congestion, rising cost of gasoline and other commodities, personal health problems, and other related social issues.

“Bicycle use in the Philippines remains to be popular these days, whether as a mode of exercise and recreation, or mode of regular means of transportation as evidenced by thousands of recreational riders, and, more importantly, the hordes of bicycle-riding Filipino workers and laborers who can be seen sharing the roads with motorized transport users,” he noted.

The senator pointed out that there is a need to provide incentive for bicycle use as a mode of daily transport, particularly, the use by workers and students, in order to maintain the present bicycle-commuting scene and attract more bicycle users in the country.

Marcos said the government should give tax deduction incentives to bicycle riders and companies that will promote the use of bicycle through facilities and programs.

“The specific beneficiaries are the bicycle-riding employees and students who will be the direct participants, as well as employees, schools, companies, and other institutions that will provide bicycle-related facilities and programs,” he explained.

The senator pointed out that the granting of incentives will encourage, promote, popularize and widen the use of bicycle by the commuting public.