Bongbong on AFP Tension: PNoy has No-one to Blame but Himself

26 October 2011

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos , Jr., today said that President Aquino’s governance style is to blame for the reported growing restlessness and demoralization within the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“Gaya ng sinabi ko, ang Presidente na siyang namumuno sa Malacanang ay hindi tunay na lider. All this trouble is his own doing and he has no one to blame but himself. Marcos said.

Marcos added that “the disgruntled soldiers are aware that their supposed Commander in Chief does not understand his responsibilities towards the soldiers that endure the suffering and face death to protect our sovereignty.”

“Noynoy has only himself to blame for whatever ill feelings these brave soldiers have towards him because they feel that not only is he not supporting and leading them but treats them with disdain and arrogance,” he emphasized

Marcos lamented that “our soldiers do not want a war where civilian casualties will come as a result. They want to fight the armed enemies of the State that continue to ambush them and kill them. They want to hear their Commander in Chief commit to avenging the deaths of their fellow soldiers by running after the killers.”

Marcos, chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, stood firm that culprits must be made answerable for the deaths of 19 members of the Army Special Forces in Al-Barka, Basilan province.

“History has shown us that sometimes, unfortunately, peace is won by demonstrating that there is a heavy price to be paid by those who insist on war,” Marcos explained. “Our soldiers are being killed; we must avenge the murder of our military men decisively, and as swiftly as possible," he added.
Marcos emphasized nevertheless that, “we must not forget that there is a wide distinction between the rebels that must answer to the killings of our soldiers and the rest of the Muslim community, our Muslim brothers, who seek peace as much as we do”.