Bongbong Marcos warns admin, says he will fight poll cheating

6 May 2016

Vice Presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today warned that he will not take sitting down attempts by the Administration to cheat in the coming May 9 elections that will result to frustrating the will of the Filipino people.

In a press briefing after his “Miting de Avance” in Mandaluyong City, Marcos reiterated his concern over the Administration’s obvious attempt to condition the minds of the people through recent surveys with questionable results showing its candidates surging ahead.

“Dahil ang kanilang gustong sabihin ay kami ang mananalo, kaya’t niluluto ang mga numero,” Marcos expressed noting the inexplicable surge of Liberal Party candidates in the recent surveys.

Marcos said the manipulated surveys could be a prelude to a plan to rig the results of the election.

“Ang kayang idaya ay kakaunti lang kaya kunyari ay nakahabol na para yung kulang pa kaya nang idaya. Yun ang aming pangamba. I hope hindi totoo. I hope that I am proven wrong. But that is a fear not only of myself, not only of other candidates, but also of many many Filipinos,” Marcos shared.

Likewise, Marcos noted the continuing reports they have been receiving on alleged discrepancies in the ballots cast in the Overseas Absentee Voting and the printed receipts.

“We were again informed of still another report of a similar problem and the candidate who suffered from the loss of vote is again from the Opposition. We have not heard of any report of an Administration candidate losing votes in this manner,” Marcos deplored.

Clearly, Marcos said only the Administration candidates are benefitting from the reported discrepancies in the OAV.

“If this is a deliberate attempt to cheat, only the Administration has the capability to pull it off.”

Citing the overwhelming display of support he has received wherever he went in his campaign sorties, not only from the residents but from political leaders, major political parties, and different religious groups, Marcos expressed confidence of victory in the polls.

Because of this, Marcos said that in desperation the current Administration may actually resort to cheating in a bid to defeat him. But he said he will surely fight any attempts to cheat. “We will be sure to expose the cheating that has been done,” Marcos asserted.

Earlier, Marcos urged all voters to take measures to protect their votes. He had advised voters to compare the votes they cast with the printed receipts and report any discrepancy that they may find.

Marcos said he is set to file a complaint before the Comelec (Commission on Election) in connection with the alleged discrepancies in the OAV voting results.