Bongbong Marcos Wants Free Healthcare for Filipinos

15 March 2010

CABANATUAN CITY – Nacionalista Party (NP) senatorial candidate Bongbong Marcos wants to create a genuine free healthcare program for every Filipino.

It can be done.

“We have done this in Ilocos Norte during my tenure as governor and this is what I intend to deliver to our people should I win a seat in the Senate,” said Marcos on Sunday during the NP sortie here.

He was able to provide 100% coverage of free healthcare to his constituents during his term as governor. The package that includes free medical checkups, hospitalization and medicines serves as a model for other local government units (LGUs).

Bongbong also met with the Cabanatuan women’s group and barangay leaders in a brief luncheon hosted by former Nueva Ecija Vice-Governor Ding “Liit” Joson.

He capped the day by joining the other NP candidates and around 30,000 people in the rockatropa concert at the 1.2-hectare Kapitan Pepe Subdivision open grounds.