Bongbong Marcos says prayers give him strength, clearer focus

30 April 2016

Vice Presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today bared that prayers give him strength and a clearer focus to help him through the rigors of the political campaign as it winds up to the homestretch.

In a statement, Marcos said prayers are an important component of his life because no matter how good his plans are or how noble his intentions are, he cannot succeed without spiritual blessings.

“And that is why it brings us back and humbles us once again to remember that we in the end must do God’s work; that we--especially those who are in public service----must remind ourselves that we must be in sync with God’s hands, His eyes, His ears, and His heart,” Marcos expressed.

Marcos said the prayers of his supporters and the people he meets in the campaign trail also remind him to pursue with more vigor his vision for a better future paramount and most especially for the entire Filipino nation.

“The greatest, most noble cause that we know of is to do God’s work and God’s work is to help our fellowmen. Those are the teachings that we have been given; those are the teachings that we should never forget,” said Marcos.

Marcos admitted though that he, like many of those who are immersed in secular concerns, sometimes have little time for spiritual matters.

“But with the support being given to me, I am always reminded on why we do what we do, why in fact we work hard, and why in fact we pray—and that is to do the greatest good for the community and for the glory of the Almighty,” he enthused.

Apart from seeking support for his Vice Presidential bid, Marcos has also been spreading his call for national unity. He warned that it would be difficult for us to surmount the problems besetting our country unless we Filipinos unite and work together towards a better future for all of us.