Press Statement on the Recent COA Findings

Press Releases
18 November 2014

When asked to comment on the purported findings of COA, Senator Marcos' office said, "If there were [indeed] projects funded under the Senator's PDAF for the benefit of the province of Bulacan, these were [obviously] done pursuant to a request sent by the pertinent local government unit (LGU). As we have stated time and again, the endorsement [from the LGU] by a legislator for funding [of a project] is merely recommendatory in nature. After the said endorsement, it is up to the Senate President and the Department of Budget& Management (DBM) to approve the said project. After the said approval, it is incumbent on the LGU to follow the appropriate rules of the Commission on Audit (COA), Department of Budget& Management (DBM) and the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) with respect to the implementation of the project. If the implementing agencies do not comply with the COA, DBM & GPPB regulations, they must be held accountable. Certainly, there is nothing illegal with a legislator recommending the funding of a project. Precisely, that is the function of their office.”