Bongbong Marcos to Police: Ensure safety of the people

28 March 2016

Vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. today called on the police to prioritize the safety and protection of the public as violence is feared to erupt or escalate during the campaign period for local candidates because of bitter rivalries.

Marcos made the call following the announcement of Philippine National Police chief Director Ricardo Marquez that they would increase police visibility in connection with the campaign period for local candidates, which kicked off over the weekend.

“At all times, it’s the protection of the people that’s should be on top of the minds of our policemen. Police visibility, patrol routine, intelligence gathering, and any and all ways that will ensure the safety of the people should be implemented,” he said.

Elections in the Philippines, whether for national or local positions, have always been marred by violence, terrorism, and worst, assassinations, widely believed perpetrated by rival groups against each other as a strategy to win, despite strict implementation of gun ban and other measures.

Marcos appealed for a peaceful campaign period and elections, even as he urged candidates and their supporters to refrain from resorting to violent means, much less, applying dirty tactics that would harm, or worse, kill innocent people.

“People should not be harmed or killed during elections. Elections are for the people and their aspiration to have a government that will truly serve the country. No one should die, no life should be taken, just because we are having an election,” he said.