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Bongbong Marcos Keynotes Student Confab in CDO

Press Releases
8 February 2010

Ilocos Norte Representative and senatorial candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was the keynote speaker in the recently concluded 6th Mindanao Business and Management Youth Congress held in Cagayan De Oro City.

In his keynote address, the young solon said that youth entrepreneurship should be encouraged by the government not only to provide jobs but more importantly to revive the local economy. He also highlighted the importance of promoting a culture of entrepreneurship that will serve as platform for young business minded individuals.

“We need to establish a culture of entrepreneurship to achieve our place in the modern world and the family of nations. And I submit that this culture will feature young people like you in a big way,” he said.

“What is promising about our country today is that government is no longer centralized in Manila. Local governments have a lot of clout in determining their own future. And as such they can also do their thing in encouraging and supporting private enterprise within their communities,” Bongbong added.

Bongbong also shared his experience in promoting the entrepreneurship during his terms as governor of Ilocos Norte when he said, “In Ilocos Norte, we made good a start in fostering economic expansion by helping local people engage in agriculture, tourism, food processing and other livelihoods. As we opened our province to tourism, we were able to encourage enterprise that catered to their needs. As we strengthened agriculture, and especially food crops, we were able to build up our food processing industry.”

Bongbong also recognized the vital role of Mindanao as a major player in the promotion of entrepreneurship in the country when he said, “In this great drama of development, Mindanao has a major role to play by reason of its tremendous resources, its people and its other blessings. And you the young entrepreneurs of Mindanao, will be at the forefront of this transformation.”

“In a period of crisis and uncertainty such as we are experiencing today, government leaders and entrepreneurs must be imaginative and opportunistic,” Bongbong added.

More than 500 students from various colleges and universities in Mindanao attended the event to discuss issues and ideas to encourage the youth to be more proactive on current and social economic issues.