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Bongbong Marcos: I Believe in Filipino Athletes

Press Releases
9 March 2010

Ilocos Norte representative and senatorial candidate Bongbong Marcos thinks will be effective in heading the Senate committee on sports if elected in the coming national elections.

“I love sports. I always believe that Filipinos can be competitive in world sports competitions,” said the youthful solon, who is hosting annual shooting competition in his province.

“We’re not lacking in talents. We just have to discover and develop them properly.”

But the country needs a fresh start.

“We should abandon the system that doesn’t work,” Marcos said.

“It should start from the leaders of our national sports associations. Some of them tend to stick with the old talents because they know them for a long time.”

He also believes that private sectors need to be more involved in the management of local sports.

“I believe that local sports will be better served if corporate people can give their inputs in the management of our sports associations,” Marcos said. “Besides, they’ve got to protect their investment.”