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Bongbong Marcos believes LGU plays key role in national poll

Press Releases
27 January 2010

Ilocos Norte representative and senatorial candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. underlined the importance of the local level in the upcoming national election during his speech at the Lyceum of the Philippines in Batangas City .

“There is a famous saying that states: all politics is local,” he said. “Whether you’re running for president or some lesser office, you have to come down to the local level in order to get anywhere.”

Marcos served as keynote speaker in the seminar on leadership attended by the students and faculty of Lyceum of the Philippines-Batangas.

He noted the importance of the local government in national progress.

“This is where a nation’s productivity and strength are tested. This is where our hopes for a better future begin.”

Marcos also stressed the value of local enterprise and independence from the national capital, citing his home province of Ilocos Norte , Cebu and Batangas as proofs.

“Until we in Ilocos Norte decide to turn our region into a zone of tourism and development, little was happening in our economy and in our lives,” said Marcos, a former three-term governor of Ilocos Norte. “Progress begins when we decide to embark on our own projects. Tourists come to visit and investments flow into our province.”

Cebu ’s remarkable transformation into an economic power also started when it ended its dependence on the national government.

The economy of Batangas also reached its peak when it flexed its own muscle and become the center of development in CALABARZON.

Leadership, of course, plays a vital role in the rise – or fall – of a local government unit.

“Leaders set us on the right course, the right plan and the right program,” Marcos said. “That’s why it is imperative that we choose the best leaders in this coming election.”