BONGBONG ADVOCATES ‘YOUTH POWER’ To make the Philippines a success story

29 September 2021

FORMER Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos on Thursday challenged public officials to involve the youth sector in their plan and program particularly about issues that will have a significant impact on their lives and communities.

 "We have to listen to that voice because we are not here forever.  Before you know it, we are gone.  They have to take over and be prepared and they have to be ready and know what it is they need to do to make the Philippines a successful country," Marcos added.

Marcos said he was disheartened with the fact that the youth sector is not well-represented in the discussion, planning, organizing and policy-making which was clearly a direct contrast in the vision of the Philippine Youth Commission (PYC) which he authored during his first term in Congress.

"I always consider myself as part of the youth movement because that's where I started. It was my sister Imee then leading the well-organized Kabataang Barangay who involved me in community program and that was really the start of everything that I did now as public servant,” Marcos said in an interview with Zamboanga City-based GBPI TV 11.

"So it has stayed with me.  It stayed with me so much that the Philippine Youth Commission is a law that was authored by me in my first term in Congress. That was something I saw right now, na parang hindi well-represented ang kabataan," Marcos added.

"It is important that young people are always involved in all important issues that directly affected their lives and well-being,” Marcos quipped.

The former lawmaker also considered social media as an emerging platform where the youth can voice out their feelings and discontentment while urging the government and all service providers to use all the available technology to strengthen the internet services particularly in the far-flung provinces.

"The internet has become a very good development because it has allowed young people to speak.  It is their medium. It has given them a voice and that's a good thing," said Marcos.

Marcos added that older generations should help the youth in learning the ropes and understanding on what really transpired in the past so they can prepare for the future to ensure the success of the country.

"I have a very deep and abiding belief that the young people as part of the government or as part of the community be involved in what is happening.  Be involved in what you see that you can make better.  We have to institutionalize that voice that those in the government must listen to the voice of the youth," Marcos said.