BBM’s message/response at the conclusion of mass for FM’s birthday

12 September 2015

(Let me) express how touched we are and how honored we are by your presence here. And I know that many of you have come from a very far place, and you have come all the way here to help us celebrate, remember my father on his birthday anniversary. I suppose all of us miss him. And I miss him very much.

We always look at what is happening around us and I say I wish my father were still here, not just for myself, but also my country. Because I wish that he were still here to take the theme of the lesson of today’s (inaudible).

When he was here with us, he fed (the hungry), he clothed the naked, he provided shelter, he provided all of the things needed by all of you. That is something that we sorely missed.

But it is up to us now, now that he is gone, to continue that legacy. So let us together continue that legacy my father has left us and honor his memory in that way. Once again, thank you all very, very much, for coming to Batac, for coming to Ilocos Norte, for coming for your expressions of affection and remembrance.

Maraming, maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.