BBM tells supporters: Be calm, the truth is on our side

10 February 2018

Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. has called on his supporters who gathered in front of the Supreme Court on Padre Faura St., in Manila to remain calm despite another delay in the recounting of votes in his election protest.

In a message to hundreds of his supporters who have been holding a prayer rally in front the Supreme Court since Wednesday, Marcos said, “I feel your frustration. But let us remain calm. We have come this far and I promise you that we will not stop until every one of your votes have been counted. I promise you we will not stop until we have uncovered the truth of why there are square boxes instead of oval shadings. The truth is slowly coming out. We shall prevail,” he said.

According to reports submitted by Marcos’ retrieval team, who accompanied the trucks which brought the ballots boxes to Manila, the third and last batch of ballot boxes -- totaling 424 ballot boxes altogether -- were unloaded in the Supreme Court gym at 11:30 in the evening on Thursday, 1 February 2018.

However the very next day, at 1:30 in the afternoon on Friday, 2 February 2018, the office of SC Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa met with the lawyers and supervisors of Marcos & Robredo and handed them a “Projected Timeline of Activities” for the recounting of ballots, among others.

As clearly indicated in the new timeline, the recounting of ballots is now scheduled for 19 March 2018. The reason for the 1 month delay is for the PET to “conduct and process psychological examinations” for its revisors.”

“Many of you have been asking me why the inordinate delay again. Its been almost 2 years and yet, on the eve of the arrival of the last batch of ballot boxes, that’s the only time the PET will conduct psychological examinations for its revisors? Well I guess we have choice but to follow Justice Caguioa’s decision. I’m just wondering . . . why do it only now?”

In the meantime, because they believed that the recounting of ballot boxes would begin this week, Marcos’ supporters began their prayer vigil yesterday.