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Ang Malaya Net - Bongbong vows to continue father’s support for OFWs

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15 July 2015

Ang Malaya Net

Ang-Malaya-Net1Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. is reviving proposals to create a Department of Overseas Filipino Workers to address the problems of Filipinos working abroad and promote their interest. “Many have suggested, and I agree, that it’s time we have a Department of OFW so we would have a Cabinet Secretary who is dedicated to the task of addressing issues of OFWs,” Senator Bongbong Marcos said over Radio Inquirer today.

“We need somebody – say the Secretary of the Department of OFW – to coordinate the delivery of services of all these agencies dealing with OFWs, study all the problems of our workers abroad, and find solutions to their problems,” he said.

He explained that a dedicated department for OFWs is necessary because OFWs have their unique concerns that pertain only to their sector.

“We have been praising OFWs as our modern day heroes but the government has not done anything practical to significantly improve the way we take care of our OFWs,” Marcos said.

“Rest assured that I will continue the work began during my father’s time to provide better support for our OFWs. I will continue pushing for the creation of a department that will take care of your welfare and your interests,” Marcos added.