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Ambush interview at the General Membership Meeting of Anvil Business Club, Inc.

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24 November 2015

Q: Are you still open or still negotiating for a possible Duterte-Marcos tandem for 2016?

SBBM: We’re always talking. We talk about every subject under the sun. We don’t know. First of all, we still have to know some kind of finality what the Mayor’s plans really are because minsan nagsasabi siya, tatakbo siya minsan hindi. So I will be talking to him again and ask him what his plans are. I really can’t. We have, as you know, been trying to form a loose coalition with Senator Miriam. So, yes. We’re in flocks. We are discussing. If somebody supports me, why will I turn that down? Of course not. I will always welcome anyone’s support.

Q: Sir, ibig sabihin, possible pa rin iyung break-up between iyung tandem ng Miriam-Bongbong?

SBBM: Of course everything is possible. This is Philippine Politics. Everything is possible. So, we’ll see. This election has turned out to be unique and there are many, shall we say, arrangements that are not traditional. So, we will have to find and make our own way with Senator Miriam to define exactly what our coalition will be.

Q: Pero in principle Sir, you are in partnership for 2016 with Senator Miriam?

SBBM: Yes. We are, I use her own words, we are trying to form a loose coalition together.

Q: Sir, I remember when you went to La Union Sir, we were able to interview you. You said walang divorce sa Pilipinas kaya iyung Miriam tandem is not breakable anymore.

SBBM: Well we were talking about iyung pagka nagsasama, naghihiwalay. But as I said, we are still trying to define the loose coalition that we are forming.

Q: Sir, same kind of principle that you wanted to build with Duterte? Loose coalition din Sir?

SBBM: I think no. I would, as I said, I would like to have the support of everybody, not only the Mayor, but again, and I would welcome that support. Again, these things are all pretty much open still.

Q: Thank you very much Sir.

SBBM: Thank you.