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Ambush interview at Senate of the Philippines

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29 September 2015

Q: Sir, Senator Allan declared his video (inaudible)

BBM: Well, that is already the second time or third time that he has declared for vice president. So, we, it is not exactly a surprise. So we had expected him to make that formal declaration.

Q: Pero kayo Sir when are you declaring?

BBM: Well I have not yet decided on the date but it is soon.

Q: Sir, sabi ni Senator Cynthia (inaudible) mag iindependent ka daw ? (inaudible)

BBM: Well, titignan natin. We are still going to discuss it and find out what the real situation will be with the Nationalista Party. We’ll have to see dahil we’re running for a national position as an independent is a difficult thing to do. So titignan natin kung maaring, kung papaano ba ang mga options para sa partida.

Q: (Inaudible) Sa Davao nag declare si Senator Allan, so sabi parang close to siya na yung mag V-VP kay Duterte. So Does that mean na wala na yung usapan na kayo ninyo ni Duterte yung magiging tandem?

BBM: Look I don’t think that the fact that he declared in Davao has, means anything in terms of his being the tandem of Mayor Duterte. Besides, (inaudible) Mayor Duterte might change his mind. All of those questions are still open questions.

Q: Sir are you still communicating with Mayor Duterte?

BBM: Yes, yes.

Q: Possible tandem sir?

BBM: No. right now, when I communicate with the Mayor I’m asking ano bang plano niya. So He has been consistent with saying that he will not run. That’s what he said to me the very first time we spoke about it. But of course, in the meantime he has been trying to decide, one way or the other. So ganun, paulit-ulit ang aming usapan kung ano ba talaga ang plano niya.

Q: Sir, kelan yung huling pag uusap ninyo ni Mayor Duterte?

BBM: I have not spoken with the mayor himself but I have spoken with his people yesterday, the day before, last week. So madalas kami mag usap.

Q: Sir what about VP Binay Sir?

BBM: What about VP Binay?

Q: Yung kayo po young gusto niyang kuning VP?

BBM: They are presently on going even as we speak.

Q: Sir tama po ba yung sinabi ni Senator Cynthia that you threw out the possibility for running for president?

BBM: In my case, papunta na nga doon. We are headed in that direction.

Q: Vice President?

BBM: I haven’t decided finally. I mean there is still a possibility but it’s been narrowed, we are narrowing down our discussions so far to president and vice president and maybe we are now presently talking about vice president.

Q: Sir bakit?

BBM: Bakit?

Q: Bakit not president? Why are you going to that direction sir?

BBM: There is so many reasons. There so many reasons. Simply because that is the way the political cycle has played out.

Q: Sir, when you say political cycle sir do you mean the numbers?

BBM: No, no, no. This whole period before the campaign, discussions between, each election is a political cycle. So that is how these elections have shaped out.

Q: Sa tingin niyo sir not your time to run for president this time?

BBM: Well, maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. We have little time still to make a final decision.

Q: So in case you run for VP sir how prepared are you to run against your party mates kasi Senator Trillanes, Senator Cayetano have declared.

BBM: We will see. We have not anticipated that there would be three candidates from the same party for one position. So I suppose it will just have to play out again as a regular election. We are campaigning for the same job. Again, it really. Once the campaign begins. We will just conduct that campaign as we have conducted every campaign. And do our best to get the support.

Q: Sir sabi ni senator Cynthia Villar that you are running for VP. More of independent daw sir, not as a tandem of anyone like (inaudible).

BBM: Again, that is something that we have not yet completely finalized. So that is.

Q: Pero kayo sir, between Binay and Duterte anong tingin mo sa teaming? Saan ang point of inclination? (inaudible)

BBM: Again, I don’t want to pre-empty any of the discussions. You know these discussions are private and I give respect to all of those that we are talking to. Perhaps I should not make any comment on that particular aspect of it, but this will all become clear once my announcement is made.

Q: Next week po? Sabi niyo po this week?

BBM: I’m sorry I haven’t tied down. It might be this week . it might be next week. It might be the week after that,

Q: Please tell us in advance.

BBM: We will tell you in advance, we need to. We make room for not only the media but (inaudible). It something that we will certainly not be keeping to ourselves but we will be announcing to as many people as we can

Q: Sir it seems na dalawa kayo ni Senator Allan na nakikipag negotiate for possibility na maging running mate ni Mayor Duterte. Just in case, walang samaan ng loob kung sino man sainyong dalawa yung maging ka-tandem ?

BBM: Well that decision remains to the mayor. So there’s no reason to hold it against. It’s his decision, nobody else. That I don’t see (inaudible)

Q: Sir di sasama loob niyo sir kung sakaling mapili si Senator Allan?