Ambush interview at House of Representative

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27 July 2015

Reporter: When are you go coming out with it?

Sen. Bongbong: Probably next week with the re-cap.

Reporter: Sir you are expecting… since the president is pushing for the BBL, do you expect any... parang mga adverse sparks doon sa SONA?

Sen. Bongbong: Well, I’ll be surprised because the problems of the BBL did not come from congress. The problems of the BBL, whatever they may be, the delays that the BBL suffered were the delays that was not congress that cause those delays. So whatever you might say, delaying or that it was not properly attended to, we certainly do not feel alluded to because we have not stop working at congress for close to a year now.

Reporter: Sir kaya ba within the administration ng president?

Sen. Bongbong: Kayang mapasa, pero kung kelan ma implement, mahirap kasi may plebisito pa, may eleksyon pa, may mga Supreme Court challenges pa, hindi natin masasabi kung gaano katagal yang mga ‘yan.

Reporter: Sir lumulutang na vise kayo ni VP Binay.

Sen. Bongbong: Well marami. Lahat na lumutang, lahat na nang version lumutan. May speculation na magkasama, may magkahiwalay, what party, what position, so I guess that’s the consequence of political season.

Reporter: Are you running?

Sen. Bongbong: Of course I’m running! I’m not retiring yet.

Reporter: For what position sir?

Sen. Bongbong: That’s the question…

Reporter: Are you ready to run for VP? (for president?)

Sen: Bongbong: I’m ready to run for anything.

Reporter: For anything? (for president?)

Sen. Bongbong: I’m ready for anything! That is what I have… that I will be ready for anything that will comes up. That is what I am preparing for, organizing, and working towards.

Reporter: For president ‘yan?

Sen. Bongbong: I’m sorry?

Reporter: For presidency?

Sen Bongbong: I am lucky. I have all the options available to any politician in the Philippine Government, all the way from barangay captain to any other position… So again, since the… are there, again I prepare. I prepare for any eventuality. I haven’t decided. No matter how many times you ask me, how many ways you ask me, I cannot tell you, because I have not decided.

Reporter: How do you feel the tie up with Binay?

Sen. Bongbong: I feel… I have to say that I am flattered to be considered; again any run for a national position includes decision, discussion, and consensus with the party in which I belong.

Reporter: Sir, are you targeting running for president?

Sen. Bongbong: I’m not targeting anything in particular; I am just preparing for everything and trying to see what is the best thing for me to do. It’s not clear because the political situation is not firm.

Reporter: Yung BBL niyo kelan, by next week?

Sen. Bongbong: We’re trying it to get it done by next week, baka the week after. Soon.

Reporter: This is going to be very close or very far from the BBL?

Sen. Bongbong: … from the draft BBL.

Reporter: Any few changes?

Sen. Bongbong: Yes, we tried to fix all the unconstitutional problems, we tried to fix administrative problems, we are presently grapping with the economic provisions, and the checks and balances on the large amounts of funding that National Government will provide, and who will be accountable for that, and the transparency that is necessary for it to be known that I can only describe is vast amount of money being given to Bangsamoro will be taken to the right place.

Reporter: Sir, the family video?