Agta Dumagats of Casiguran, Aurora asks Sen. Bongbong Marcos for Protection of Their Ancestral Domain

1 December 2010

DumagatsOn 30 November 2010, members of the Agta Dumagat tribe, accompanied by members of the religious sector such as Fr. Jose Francisco "Joefran" Talaban of Casiguran, Aurora, and Scottish priest Fr. Archie Casey, trooped to the Senate to lobby for support for their concerns about the alleged negative effects of the establishment of an economic zone in Casiguran, Aurora.

The Dumagats, led by their Chieftain, Vita Banayad, visited Sen. Bongbong Marcos to personally complain to him about the possible destruction of their ancestral domain as a result of the operation and activities, as well as the impending expansion, of the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone (APECO) that has been built right in the heart of Casiguran, Aurora, home to the Dumagat indigenous people.