'Act on your dreams', Bongbong Marcos rallies graduates

29 April 2016

“Act on your dreams”. This was the message of Vice Presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. to the graduates of the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta campus who will soon join the Philippine labor workforce.

Invited as the event’s Guest Speaker, the Senator offered the attendees a glimpse of what they will encounter once they start looking for work and start building their careers after years of toiling hard on their studies.

“Ang akala ninyo ang graduation ay talagang isang pagtatapos. Pero sa katunayan, ito ay isang pagsisimula. Your journey, and the hardships that will come along the way, do not end yet. There are simply no goodbyes for now,” he said.

“Tulad ng kasabihan, talagang may forever. Marami pang dapat gawin, dahil patuloy ang mga hamon at pagsubok. This is not the time to get tired and stop. Don’t stop dreaming of better things, but make sure to timely act on those dreams. Don’t lose hope. In the face of adversities, ask your parents and elders for advice. Trust in God, and always pray," Marcos adviced.

The Senator, whose main advocacy is anchored on creating job opportunities for Filipinos to uplift their quality of life, shared that the road will not be easy as the young job hunters will be exposed to stiff competition and eventually office politics.

He said the reality is that they will be faced with the challenge of how to get ahead in the career ladder, and be tempted to save face at the expense of others.

When confronted with this challenge, Marcos reminded the graduates to keep their core values of honesty and integrity, fortitude and resilience, sincerity, friendliness and faith in God to guide them through.

Marcos also shared that developing critical thinking, initiative and effective communication will play an important role to get them through even the toughest adversities in the workplace. In fact, it effectively got him through the recently held televised debates where he was singled out and attacked by some of his fellow Vice Presidential candidates.

“I care to emphasize these qualities now, because I was reminded of their sheer importance during the recently concluded Vice-Presidential Debates at UST a few weeks ago. These virtues are precisely what made sure that I was able to keep my cool and my composure, stand my ground and respond truthfully and candidly, especially in the face of even the most vicious personal attacks,” Marcos confided

“All you have to do is to gear up and level up your skills, and assiduously look for these golden opportunities available to you out there. Then, with hard work and the qualities I mentioned, and aided by good fortune, you shall all soon land your dream jobs and careers and become productive citizens in your communities! Most of all, you shall be able to give back to our community in the form of public service and taxes, which shall then “pay forward” and further support the education of future batches of students of our country,” Marcos concluded.