ABS-CBN News : Enriles endorse Marcos Jr.’s run for presidency

6 November 2021

By Jacque Manabat | ABS-CBN News

(3RD UPDATE) The Enrile family on Friday made official their endorsement of Partido Federal Pilipinas (PFP) presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Their show of support came after a meeting in Makati City, where they discussed plans for the 2022 elections.

Meanwhile, Marcos Jr. will support Katrina Ponce Enrile, who is running for a congressional seat in Cagayan and is an adopted candidate of PFP Cagayan.

Juan Ponce Enrile, 97, was the defense minister during the term of Marcos Jr.'s father, late dictator Ferdinand Sr., before withdrawing his support and participating in the EDSA revolution that saw the strongman's ouster. 

He then served as defense Secretary of Corazon Aquino, Marcos Sr.'s opponent, before being sacked in 1986 when the "God Save the Queen" coup plot was launched against her administration. He vehemently denied any involvement in the coup in later interviews.

In 2018, Enrile and Marcos Jr. figured in a tête-à-tête where the former said millennials were misinformed about the rule of Marcos Sr. 

He added that the country was "peaceful" during the first years of Martial Law and denied killings and arrests happened at the time. 

"They claimed that we killed a lot of people. When I was interviewed by someone some time ago, I challenged her, name me one that we executed, we killed except Lim Seng," he said in the video. 

This was refuted by many rights activists and Martial Law detainees. 

According to political analysts, Cagayan is part of the Marcoses’ so-called Solid North bailiwick, where the family has traditionally received strong electoral support.