ABS-CBN News - Bongbong votes for Corona acquittal

29 May 2012

By Ira Pedrasa | ABS - CBN

abscbn_thumbMANILA, Philippines - Senator-judge Ferdinand Marcos Jr. found Chief Justice Corona innocent with respect to article 2 of the impeachment complaint on failure to disclose his true Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth.

“The lady justice wears a blindfold for a reason. She is to render judgment based on law and evidence, without regard to the circumstances and personalities of the parties involved --- however controversial they may be. She is to dispense justice without fear or favor," Marcos said.

However, he noted that throughout the trial, crucial issues emerged from “outside the original ambit of the impeachment complaint" which were "brought forth only after its filing.”

He lambasted the production of evidence which came from “questionable sources.”

“At the expense of the sub-judice rule, evidence had been presented to the public on several occasions, even before they were formally offered before this Court,” Marcos said.

He also cited the government’s use of resources “not only to secure evidence against the Chief Justice but, further, to ensure his conviction.”

He said his decision may not be popular but, “when the furor has died down and this political storm has subsided, I know - that like the lady Justice – we shall find solace in the fact that this decision…was fair, impartial and just.”

Marcos was the third senator to vote for an acquittal. As of posting, 13 senators had voted to convict, only 3 short of the 16 required for Corona's removal from office.