ABS-CBN News - Bongbong rejects PNoy resign calls

In The News
17 October 2014

By Nico Delfin | ABS-CBN News

Logo_ABSCBNnewsMANILA - Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. is no ally of President Benigno Aquino III. But the senator refuses to support recent calls for the President's resignation despite the latter's alleged failure to fulfill his promises of "tuwid na daan."

The Marcoses and Aquinos are known rivals in Philippine politics.

But times are changing nowadays with the recent calls made by sectoral groups for President Aquino's resignation.

Senator Marcos said Aquino's resignation is not the solution to the country's problems.

"A survey says 36 percent of Filipinos believe that he failed but I think rather than finding that magic bullet to solve our problems, might as well do something more to have solutions instead of adding more problems," he said.

The senator earlier admitted he is constantly challenged by "old issues" that keep hounding him such as the assassination of Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. and his own family's fall from power in 1986.

"It is very hard to move forward and talk about the issues at hand which need our immediate attention if we keep reliving and rehashing, redebating what happened 20 odd years ago. You know the result of those events is very clear. My father’s government fell so that's it, that's the result. We really need to, then, OK, that is part of history."

"What happens now? What do we do now? We are faced with the power crisis. We are faced with economic issues and poverty issues, all these things that need to be attended to. When do we get to that?"

He also said he feels history will be kinder about his father's legacy compared to the statements of their political detractors.

"I feel that history will be the ultimate judge and I believe that history will be much kinder and much more objective about my father’s administration than his detractors and political enemies are," he said.

Meanwhile, Marcos believes the Visiting Forces Agreement may lose support if no clear guidelines are set against foreign soldiers facing criminal charges in the country.

He said the recent case involving the murder of a transgender Filipino allegedly by US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton should set the tone for a review of the VFA.