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Abogado - Inside PET: A look into Justice Marvic Leonen

News & Interviews
1 October 2020

By Abogado

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen has been deemed the “usual dissenter” of the Supreme Court. The abogado traces his roots as an academic and one of the esteemed alumnus of the UP College of Law.

Leonen graduated with an economic degree from the same university before pursuing law. The abogado ranked fourth in the 1987 Bar Exams and eventually co-founded Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center, Inc that provided assistance to poor rural communities and indigenous people.

The abogado eventually went on to become the director for 15 years. Leonen then pursued his LLM in Columbia University before joining the UP Law faculty in 1989. After years of teaching, he also served as the Dean of the esteemed law school in the Philippines back in 2008 after being the University General Counsel and the Vice President for Legal Affairs in 2000 and 2005, respectively.

The abogado’s prominence grew after former President Benigno Aquino III appointed him as the Philippine government’s chief negotiator that resulted to the Bangsamoro framework agreement. Aquino appointed him to the SC in 2012 and has been a force in the branch since.

Leonen is known to vote against the majority in political cases such as the Marcos burial, Erap’s bid for Manila Mayorship, Enrile bail, and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s plunder case.

Any ideas on how he will vote as PET member?