A warm greeting to all fathers on this special day!

21 June 2015

Bongbong Marcos Father's Day website

Being a father is the most challenging job in the world.

We have to work hard to support our family. We have to be strong yet loving partners of our wife. We have to tread the delicate balance between imposing discipline on our children to help them reach their potential and grow as God-fearing and righteous persons, at the same time showing our unconditional love for them. Sometimes we need to have a healthy dose of patience too.

But no matter how daunting the job is, I wouldn’t trade it for any other. Nothing can ever replace the joy I feel when I spend time with my children and my wife. For me, it’s the most fulfilling job I could ever take.

That’s why we should stand proud and celebrate this day dedicated to honor all of us.

Happy Father’s Day!