A Message from Senatorial Candidate Bongbong Marcos

9 May 2010

Before anything else, let me greet every mother out there a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! It’s been a long and grueling campaign for all of us candidates, volunteers, and supporters alike. We, as a team, have tried our best to bring out our message to the Filipino people even if at times, some of our opponents have tried to muddle it with black propaganda, mud-slinging, and even outright lies. From the start, I have made it clear that I would go to the people asking them to view or even scrutinize my track record the last 15 years I’ve been in public office and based on that, decide whether I have the capability to serve again, this time, as a member of the Upper House of Congress. I am confident the people of Ilocos Norte themselves will confirm their satisfaction with the gains we have made for my province under my leadership; and even my political opponents from there saw it futile to challenge me in the last two elections where I ran unopposed for Governor and subsequently, for Congressman. I am equally proud to say that I have never been implicated in any anomaly or abuse of power whatsoever in all the years I have been in government.

If the people decide I am worthy of their vote and I win in this election, I will bring with me to the Senate the lessons I have learned as Governor of my province where the everyday problems of the majority of the people have seemed to be lost or forgotten on our national leaders. It will be my ardent task to bring back the national government closer to the real problems of the man in the street so our leaders do not forget that the work given to them by the people by means of their votes, is for us, government, to help uplift their lives from hardship and poverty, and to provide them their basic rights and a chance to live in dignity, prosperity, and happiness. It will not happen overnight but starting now is never too early and I believe, if we all put our minds and hearts together and work for the common good regardless of who wins in the elections, we will succeed. My faith in the capability of the Filipinos has never wavered and if my travelling the entire Philippines and back these last months has done anything at all to that faith, it has only re-affirmed and strengthened it all the more.

Go out and exercise your sacred right of suffrage and please remain vigilant to ensure that the official results of the elections reflect the true will of the people so we can all unite and move on. And when you vote, remember to think hard before you choose your candidate, and THINK: FOR A BETTER PHILIPPINES.

Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong tulong at pag suporta sa akin. If I win, I will do all in my capacity to live up to your expectations and together, we can and will move this country forward not only for us but for our children and the generations to come.



Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.