2 November 2021

I would like to commend the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), particularly the 403rd Infantry Brigade under Philippine Army’s 4th Infantry Division (4ID) under Maj. Gen. Romeo Brawner, for the successful anti-insurgency operations that lead to the neutralization of Jorge Madlos alias "Ka Oris" of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) in the mountains of Bukidnon.

It is but right for us peace-loving people to commend the AFP for they are the ones who are at the forefront fighting this lonely war by themselves, they are the ones who held our beloved country safely in their arms before their own personal safety.

We do not, however, rejoice over the neutralization of “Ka Oris (Madlos), for the fact remains that this is a question of killing a fellow Filipino by fellow Filipinos.

But we do hope for this to finally come to an end and I share the dream of my fellow Filipino people for the closure of this bloody chapter in our nation’s history that has dragged on now for more than five decades.

It is, however, noteworthy that finally, the AFP is on the threshold of putting an end to this bloody war in our midst that claimed thousands of innocent lives and crushed the dreams of many of our youth and their families.

It is also a sad fact, that this insurgency in our midst has somewhat hampered our nation’s progress, especially in the countryside, because military operations command a hefty budget that must have fed millions of Filipinos or if not, the construction of infrastructure projects, much needed in those areas.

“Ka Oris” may have a hand in countless crimes against humanity, as they say, and may have taken a lead role in the recruitment and radicalization of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the countryside, but still, most of us hope that his death would move us, our country, a step closer to achieving long-lasting peace and put an end to the killings of fellow Filipinos.

May I also take this opportunity to call on our brothers and sisters who are still out there fighting to lay down their arms and go back into the fold of the law and enjoy a new, peaceful, and productive lives that the government is offering.

Again, to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, I salute you for a job well done!